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Welcome to Thanh Da High School -  

Hello to all Class of 1988 members, and friends:

We would like to remind all of us about our beloved Thanh Da High School where we have studied, played, graduated and finally left it since 1988. Time is passing by so fast and it is continuing its speed on our highway of lives. We are now grown up, mature adults with all responsibilities. Many of us now have our very own families, friends, problems, and things to take care of. More importantly, many of us are very successful in our career paths. People, with variety of career professions such as doctors, dentists, pharmacists, lawyers, engineers, architects, and etc., were Thanh Da High School Students, CLASS OF 1988. I am so proud of you, and so proud to be a friend of yours.
This web page is created as a place that we can keep in touch, share our experiences, learn, and encourage among ourselves in order to be more successful, happier in life. Please forget our professions at this moment; let's join the group as truly friends,
CLASS OF 1988 members.

Please or  our guest book with any comments or reactions you have to our site. You can also contact us privately by sending email to us at thanhda88@yahoo.com. We love to read your mails!






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